At MFH we feel it is important to expose our children to situations in which they must learn to work together. MFH's cooperative classes provide a safe environment in which children can explore many topics.

This page lists a sampling of the wonderful co-ops MFH has provided in the past to all members. Join MFH to discover all the cooperative opportunities available!

American History Co-op

This class is geared toward 3rd to 6th grade.  In addition to the book we are using, children are increasing their researching skills and techniques by researching additional facts in the library about a president, state or topic we are studying.  We are learning about the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, how to follow a national election, how to follow a local election and other important documents and facts from American History.

Human Body Co-op

For ages 6 and up. The Human Body Co-op started in the fall of 2006. We have covered the digestive and circulatory system. This co-op will resume in 2008 with the nervous system.

Kid's Scrapbooking Co-op

The Kid's Crop (for ages 6 and up) meets in Casselberry. This class is provided for your child to make a scrapbook album that he/she can proudly show to family and friends. They can make albums with pictures of special events in their lives. All tools needed are provided. The class is on hiatus until January. We will meet on Wednesday afternoons.

Miscellaneous Co-ops

Quite often members volunteer to host co-ops on a variety of topics. We encourage all of our members to plan co-ops around the desires and needs of their children. Is your child interested in something we're not covering? Our moderators and experienced members are here to help in all capacities!