Field Trips

You just never know where you will see MFH members!

Making use of both free and paid venues. MFH offers a wide array of interesting field trips. Field trips are usually open to children of all ages. Please note that in some cases, the venue has an age restriction and children under a certain age may not be able to attend. We rarely run into this situation, but note that it can happen on occasion.

Typically we offer two field trips per month. One field trip is a paid event, with a maximum cost of $10 per person, paid in advance. The second field trip is at a free venue. Free field trips may be visits to a local resource, a trip to a botanical garden, visiting a museum on free admission day and the like.

Most field trips are restricted to MFH members and immediate family members only, though on occasion we may open the trip to other local homeschooling groups. We can accommodate grandparents of most trips. Just let us know ahead of time sw we have an accurate heat count! Paid field trips are run by RSVP and we usually cannot accept last minute additions. If you cannot attend a paid field trip, you are responsible for finding a replacement. Monies paid are non-refundable in almost all cases.

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