Founded in 2001, Mid-Florida Homeschoolers (MFH) is a support group for families of homeschooled children in the Central Florida area. MFH is an inclusive group with over 200 families.

We accept members who currently homeschool or are considering homeschooling regardless of religious persuasion or beliefs. There is no membership fee to join MFH.

We offer discounted FPEA memberships, discounted Enchanted Learning memberships (less than $2 per family), yearbooks, membership cards, geography and science fairs, a large variety of co-ops, weekly park dates, field trips and a yahoo group discussion list. We share many opportunities with other local groups as well.

Most of our activities are targeted to children aged 4-13 but all ages are welcome.

Note that most activities scheduled are open to siblings and family members. Our activities are not open to the public.

MFH is not religiously affiliated and welcomes those from all walks of life. We demand respect for each member.

We are based in Orlando and serve all of Central Florida. We do not restrict your membership solely to MFH! You can be a member of as many support groups as you want!

Questions? Email us! Interested in joining MFH? Visit us at Yahoo! Groups